Coke Rewards Program



Our school is now registered with the Coke Rewards Program. This program will allow us to use points, earned by purchasing coke products, to purchase supplies for CHCS. Check out the information below about the program and what you can do to help. You will have to complete a short registration process the first time you login to their site, but after initial login, all you have to do is click to donate your points. Tops from bottled drinks and/or the codes off of cartons or bubble wrap from other packages may also be sent to the school office. Please help support us by taking the time to participate in this program. It doesn't cost money, just a small amount of time. There are many, many products that fall within this program.


Hereʼs how you can make a difference:

Our school has joined the My Coke Rewards for Schools program. What does that mean? It means that every time you enjoy a participating Coca-Cola product (and there are lots of them), you can donate the My Coke Rewards points to our school. The donations will help give our students things they need, like sports gear, creative supplies, books, classroom tools and more.To make a difference for our school:Purchase your favorite Coca-Cola drink to get codes (theyʼre on hundreds of packages, in lots of flavors and sizes).Go to mycokerewards.com (register if you arenʼt a member).Enter codes to collect points - choose "Donate to Your School" from the six ways to spend points.Find our school by Zip Code. When our schoolʼs page comes up, click "Donate Points Now" and enter the amount youʼd like to donate.




















Thank You!

We received tabs, boxes, and tops from Coke products (also Dasani water codes) for submission to Coke Rewards. Thank you to everyone who has helped provide codes for submission and we would like to encourage everyone to participate. We have been able to purchase some much needed items at the school. Please continue to send these codes as well as Box Tops and Labels for Education.

Art Objects

The Art Department is asking for your help with recycled materials. Mrs. Andi Frank has asked for the following donations for her elementary art classes.  Please leave any items in either the elementary or high school office, and indicate they are for our art program.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated! hunting agazinesfarming magazinesNational Geographic magazinesold calendars with icturesbuttonsribbonbeadsfabric scrapstrim (fabrics style) scrapsthread spools