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Minority Scholarship 


Grades 1-12


Central Holmes Christian school offers annual financial assistance for minority students available through the program of two full scholarships (or one full and two partial scholarships) covering tuition for the year.  The purpose of this scholarship is to provide qualified students with financial assistance to enable them to attend Central Holmes Christian School.  In order to apply the student must be enrolled as a student prior to the deadline listed.


Requirements for the Applicants:



  •  Applicants must score at or above the 50th percentile on the yearly achievement tests

  • Applicants must have maintained a “B” average for the three previous semesters in which they have attended an accredited educational institution

  • Applicants must maintain a “C” average for each semester to retain the financial assistance


Character and Citizenship

  •  Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation attesting to their good moral character, honesty, integrity and scholarship.  One of these letters must be from a school official with the applicant’s immediate prior school.

  • The applicants, once accepted, must adhere to all of the school’s rules, regulations, and by-laws.


Application Deadline is noon July 1, 2016


To Apply


  •  Complete the application document and provide the required items . 

  •  All other items must be submitted to the Central Holmes Christian School Counselor

  • Any incomplete application will be considered null and void



Recipient Notification


All recipients of the said financial assistance will be notified in writing prior to the start of school.  Each recipient will be required to remit payment to Central Holmes for any other required fees.  



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