We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers, staff members, and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate.
20202-2021 Board of Directors:
Neil Marshall (President)
Paul Durff (Vice-President)
Katherine Riley (Secretary)
Mandy Burrell
Maria Edwards
Jeff Fondren
Jim Haffey
Charles Hudson
Steven Rutledge


Administration & Staff

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Tim Burton-Headmaster

Christi Morgan- Guidance Counselor

Shirley Jobe - Bookkeeper

Debbie McLemore - Student Services

Renee Wynne -  Elementary Student Services

Emily Cheatham - Resource Lab

Carol White - Cafeteria

William Engle - Maintenance



Elementary Faculty

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Melissa Brannon - Library and Art

Joy Donald -  5 Year Kindergarten

Amber McBride - 3 Year Kindergarten

Diane O'Reilly - Second Grade

Caroline Duncan - Dance

Cindy Glazier - Elementary Music Lab

Jill Killebrew - K4

Kelly Killebrew -  First Grade

Cathy Murtagh -Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade Language Arts 

Melaine Melton  -  Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade Mathematics & Science

Sheryll Murtagh -  Fourth, Fifth & Sixth  Grade Bible, Social Science & Spelling

Regina Weeks-  Third Grade


High School Faculty

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Sherron Bevill - Bible/Career Prep/World History/7th & 8th History/Driver's Ed

Connie Carnes - Dual Credit/Speech/7th & 8th Grade English

Paula Collins - 7th & 8th Grade Science/ACT Prep

Melanie Davis - Computer/8th Keyboarding/7th & 8th Grade Math

Ty Dean - Athletics/P. E./Health

Nikki Edwards - Athletics (Girls)/P.E.

Andi Frank - Spanish/College Prep/Sr. Math/Yearbook

Jean Hughes - 9-12 English/Drama

Caleb Joiner - Head Basketball (boys)  & Track (boys), Asst. Football Coach

Rusty Miller - Softball 

Doralyn Killebrew - Biology/Chemistry/Physics/A&P/Physical Science

Cody Thomas - Advanced Math

Mitch Womack - Athletics/Am. History/Gov't/MS History/World Geography

Denise Wright - Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry