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       Central Holmes Christian School is a private Christian school in Lexington, Mississippi. It includes a day care facility, elementary, middle, and high school grades K3-12.  Central Holmes Christian School’s mission is to provide a college preparatory curriculum in a safe environment. It emphasizes the role of young people as productive American citizens and offers extra-curricular activities to provide positive experiences for developing a sense of purpose and well-being.
       We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers, staff members, and administrators. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. Central Holmes Christian School was established to meet the educational needs of students in the surrounding area. We believe it is the responsibility of Central Holmes Christian School to help students gain the knowledge to succeed in today’s changing society. An emphasis is placed on self-discipline, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and accountability. In order to succeed, Central Holmes Christian School believes students must develop an understanding of the religious principles set forth by the founders of our nation, an understanding of democratic principles, an understanding of respect for authority, and an understanding of respect for the rights and opinions of others.
       With changes in technology Central Holmes Christian School reviews curriculum to maintain standards necessary to achieve educational goals. Realizing students learn from a variety of experiences, Central Holmes Christian School encourages participation in extra-curricular activities and programs. The emphasis here is to build loyalty, character, and sportsmanship. Central Holmes Christian School has the responsibility to encourage communication between students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community so that an understanding of the school’s philosophy is developed and an inter-dependency between school and community is established.
Our Objectives

1. To provide a curriculum which meets college entrance requirements.

2. To provide a safe learning environment.

3. To instill respect for authority, rules, rights of others, and America.

4. To develop an awareness of the student’s responsibility as a productive citizen and to provide opportunities to develop good citizenship.

5. To motivate students to achieve their highest educational goals.

6. To provide assistance in strengthening weaknesses in students.

7. To initiate a form of discipline that promotes cooperation.

8. To provide guidance through counseling and testing.

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